Sunday, August 5, 2012

Letter to true friend on her 26th B'day!

Hey guys, I'm here once again to ask for your opinions on something I wrote to my sweet friend on her 26th B'day.....
Her birthday is today and I really wanted her to gift something that she will cherish and treasure for-ever throughout her life...finally I deceided of a great idea of gifting her with 26 gifts as she will be turning 26 today...Among all gifts one gift was handwritten letter to her which would convey her importance in my life!

I spent few days trying to think up of a good letter to write for her as I thought this will be best gift for her... I showed it to my hubby and he said it's really sweet but I feel like I made it too sappy and emotional.Finally I did it and this one is for all of you!

Can anyone let me know if there's anything wrong with what I have so far? Is is too sappy? Should I tone it down a bit? Stuff like that. I'll greatly appreciate any input you guys give me on this...


Hello, dear! How exciting that you are 26 years old tomorrow!


I’m not even sure where to begin this letter really.

Can I start off by saying that you are amazing?

Because you are.

And just in case if anyone hardly tells you that, I’m telling you.

Because I love you....

Happy Birthday!!

Today is a special day for a special someone I've been lucky enough to have in my life as not only a good friend I can always rely on, but a Sister I will treasure for the rest of my life....How very exciting it is..isnt it?....I have so much to say, but I don’t know if I can condense it into one page of simple words. I sure am gonna try though.

Last few days as your birthday was approaching nearer...I was badly stuck on what to get/make/write to you. I really didnt wanted to give iPods or make-up kit, or throw a surprise party for you, but I wanted to get  something you won't ever forget, and then symbolises how much I love I thought writing letter to convey my regards would be best gift for you...a sweet gift that you will really treasure for,love for and would be best among all other 25 gifts that I would present you!

Niha or sweetie or niharika call her by any name...she is my sweet little friend who has similar emotional make-up like dear please dont get too emotional ...Iam feeling very self conscious to give you this letter but finally I have decided to present it to you.

Swati, I want you to know how important you really are to me and your place in my life!...I consider this is best oppurtunity to let you know that you really are my best friend. You are something out of this world swati.... You are really one of the most intelligent young women I have ever met, not to mention sweet, kind-hearted, happy, hilarious, loving, and absolutely beautiful.

For the last 25 years of your life you have walked this earth as a girl unlike any other..... You have heart of gold and a personality that should be cherished and preserved in a glass box...You really have a smile of porcelain, and the face of an angel.

You have such an amazing effect on me and my life daily. You make me laugh when I all I want to do is cry. Your smile is as contagious as the flu and whenever you’re sad I feel like I should be too.

You can turn my frowns upside down without any effort and as long as I get to see that beautiful smile on your face, I won’t have any reason not to smile too.See isnt it a miracle that within so very less time that we have been together I have observed you so very keenly and you have become my best friend...Really you are worth becoming my true friend! You have all qualities that best frnd should possess!

You have taught me a lot,say it be cooking or any simple thing of life! and I've always wanted to be just like you – a girl who can smile no matter how many times life tries to rain on her sunshine. A girl who can love others even when they step all over your heart. A girl who will stay by my side throughout life journey and any hard times...I really admire your patience the way you so happily repeat same recipes for me at least 3 times....I have copied you in many aspects of life! say it be recipes or decorating my really are source of inspiration for me!

Every time I see your courage,your devotion and dedication towards anything and everything in life, and above all, your unconditional love for friends and family,no matter how they behave with you... I remind myself that this is the girl I look up to and the girl I want to keep close to my heart for all eternity..... Yes swati I dream of learning lot many things from you dear!

Words alone can never truly express how much I admire you. you have really become the reason behind breaths that I take, the tears I shed at the thought of ever losing you, and the beats of my heart that get faster every time I think about you and all the great moments we've shared together so swati today on this auspicious occassion I beg for one promise from you that you will never ever leave me all alone in my walk of matter whatever happens! please

Moreover, within just very less span of time rather in very few have become my reason to live and my reason to love and my reason to smile. If I didn't have you in my life, I wouldn't be able to call this a life at all…

You really are an absolutely incredible individual. I have never in my whole life been so lucky and proud to have someone like you.

I have lost so much in my life, including friends that I thought I would never lose, and now I have you. When I’m with you, it feels like I know I’ll never lose you as a best friend and all my problems and stress just melt away.....

Happiness is what you bring to everyone hun. You are really unlike anyone I have ever met as I have already mentioned. There’s just something about you that draws people close to you and make them want to trust you. I know you would never lie to me or keep anything from me. Our friendship is perfect which makes me so happy. It seems as though we were meant to be best friends and I’m glad we’ve finally figured that out.

You are my shoulder to cry on and my arm to lean on and I am the same for you. There are not that many people in my life that I would die for, but when it comes to you I would die a million times over if that was what you wanted me to do. You are the best, best friend anyone could ever ask for and I appreciate everything about you.

You are really a true friend to be treasured!

Thank you so much swati, for everything you do for me. I’m ridiculously lucky to have you and I can’t wait to see what our friendship brings in the future. I love you so much swati. I hope your birthday and every other day is just perfect,happy and joyful. Best of luck in all that you do, and remember that I am always here for you no matter what.I pray god to shower his choicest blessings on sweet couple like you! Hope you have a fantastic day and year ahead! Stay blessed!


Your Sister forever and always,

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